Registration 会員登録

Many files have been deleted due to a recent subyshare server issue.

最近の subyshare サーバーの問題により、多くのファイルが削除されました。

If you request up to 5 server error links or deleted files by email,I will reupload.

*Site registration only allows premium accounts of at least 75 days. [ You need minimum 75-days premium purchase]




step 1: Create a account and Upgrade your account to a premium through this link

* 30 days premium payment can not be a member. Please check and pay.

*if you have a premium account, need to renewal through this link.
(Renewal also requires a minimum 75 days premium payment)



Please check the site rules before paying through the link



step 2: Register on site

*Set the username to the same as the username

* Username Confirmation [ユーザー名確認]
english- My Account -> Account Overview [username]
日本語 – マイアカウント-> アカウントの概要 [ユーザー名]



step 3: I’ll check your premium account information and approve it.

Expire of membership date:
Same as the premium days bought by site

If you have registration for 180 days premium, your membership will expire in after 180 days.

To become a member again, you need to pay again a minimum 75 days premium on the this site link.


Site rules

1.Membership suspension

First of all, do not upload my site files to other sites.
And if I find weird download history or other issues with your account, your account may be blocked.

2.Download limit ダウンロード制限 (It is not an automatic limit, so please calculate the file size and download it)

’10GB’ per day (1日あたり’10 GB’未満)


old member (76 days after approved) – ’20GB’ per day

If you see the message ‘You can download 20gb’ below the this post,

you are old member.

3.Don’t use too many multiple IP (your account may be blocked in some cases)

4.Multiple id are not allowed.



The download limit does not mean subyshare one day limit.

It means file downloaded from this site.

Downloading from other sites is not included in my site daily limit.





If you violate site rules, I will block your account.



subyshare download limit Reset at 7:00 AM Japan Time


If you find a file link that can’t download, please send me an email.


If your account blocked, check your email.

not blocked for no reason.

Please send me an e-mail if you haven’t received the e-mail because there is a possibility that the e-mail may not be sent to your e-mail address.








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